Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homestead Life

Are you like me? When it comes to the farm, I seem to get the most enjoyment out of it when I am working my tail off.

There is just something about a brisk, cloudless evening on the homestead. It was the kind of dusk that you can see your breath coming out of your mouth like chimney smoke. When your finger tips get cold and stiff, yet the rest of your body is actually sweating.

Maybe I'm nuts, (don't answer that) but it brings to mind visions of life on the frontier. Sort of a man-against the elements-feel.

Maybe I'm just living in a manly dream world? But I feel like a man when I am working like that. This evening, we went and picked up a half ton of chicken feed and I had to put it up just before sun down. My back hurt, my fingers were cold and I was sweating, tired and hungry. I had to feed the cattle and bring in firewood yet. But, I felt good! I love it, this rural way of life.

The same feeling occurs when I'm stacking hay in the barn. Am I wierd? Or is this the way God intended for man to be? I've given some thought to that and I have opinions, but not much more.

Actually, the only time I don't get that "manly" feeling, is when I'm cutting fire wood. In that case, back pain usually pulls me from dream land. Splitting it, however, does give me that feeling. Doing what I do to keep my family safe, warm and fed. I don't use a new-fangled, gas guzzling wood splitter. I do it all by hand. Don't get me wrong, there are times that I wish I had a splitter, or a young lad to do it for me. But, all in all, it is gratifying to see the wood pile grow and know that my family will be warm.

OK, I'll stop the self-gratifying nonsense. I just like being outside. What about you? What do you like about homestead life?

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