Saturday, January 24, 2009

My DR Powerwagon Mishap

I am bummed out. You never realize how much you come to depend on something until it breaks. We have owned our DR Powerwagon for around five years, now. Until this point, there has been nothing wrong with it, whatever. As far as quality and workmanship, it is unsurpassed, in my opinion.

But, this past week, the throttle cable broke. Not a big deal as it can be easily fixed. That is, if you can find the part. That's why I'm bummed. I have checked everywhere I know to look with no results. It is a funny cable with two wierd ends on it-not your typical bicycle type cable, which is why it is hard to find. This leaves the only option, which is to call the DR company. That is no big deal either, except that it is Saturday and they are closed.

This is where I am finding out just how much I depend on that machine. Without a tractor on our farm, I use "polly" for everything. Now I seem to be stuck in limbo until I can get the part. Bummer.

So, until I get the part ordered and on its way, I will have to revert back to the way it was before the Powerwagon, doing everything one arm load at a time. Good excersise, if nothing else.

Back to work, I guess. Life on the farm doesn't stop when the machines quit. I will sure be glad to get it fixed though. I will post again when I get the part and put it on. Lord willing, it won't take long to get.

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