Saturday, January 31, 2009

What A Mess!

My wife and I and our two girls, along with my brother-in-law, took a trip too Arkansas at our church today. Us men brought our chainsaws and gear to help with the clean up. My wife and Kids served at the church as it is a local disaster relief center. The whole thing is a mess.

We managed to get six yards cleaned up so that folks can get out. It will be weeks before power is fully restored. There were poles snapped in two with wire laying eveywhere. Many places had trees fall across the wires, tearing down the poles. The tree damage is almost total. It is a sad sight, I hate to see the trees decimated like that. But, all in all, we managed to bless six homes.

Our church is feeding 40-50 people per day and has 30, or so, sleeping there. The church has a large generator that kept them going. They now have power to the church, but the surrounding community is still without. There are people coming in with the flu and head lice. The health department is trying to deal with that, people just don't think about others, anymore, that they are exposing someone to a disease.

Pam served dinner (lunch) and was shocked at the level of selfishness in some of these people. The fire departments were coming in to eat, so they had to watch how much food they gave out. Some got mad because they didn't get enough. This makes me sad at the thought of benevolence being taken advantage of. It seems that there is a great entitlement mentality in this country that has been brought on by the welfare system and subsidies, and people always want more. It is never good enough. These folks had a place with electric to eat and sleep. And, yet, they always seem to find something to complain about. It makes me sad.

We worked hard and there were many who thanked us and truly were thankful, that warms the heart. It is what makes it all worth it. We forgot to bring the camera so we have no pictures but I think someone on the Homesteading today forum has posted some.

Thanks for stoppong by and enduring this little story. Have a great day.

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busymama said...

Just a note to say thanks for stopping by. We are staying warm. We are in Stone County here, you're trees are(were)just loaded weren't they. It's nice to hear about those helping one's in need after the storm. Stay safe.