Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bear Quintuplets

This is cool. These pictures were taken by a fello in Northern New Hampshire. He tried for months to get just one shot of the family all together and it was if they "sat" for it. The neat thing is, bears typically have one or two cubs, rarely three, so this is kind of phenomenal.

The first picture is of the family when the cubs were young. The last picture is after a winter hibernation, they had grown a bit! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I got an email from a co-worker about this story but the photos weren't attached, so I was happy to find this website! Awesome!

Annette said...

I am new here and out of sync with the proper way to ask a question of Cedar Cove farm .... this post isn't about the bear family.

I love the photo of your chicken 'coop'! I need to build one ... I can see you used [I think] 2" PVC pipe for the framing and chicken wire; but do you have removable panels to access the water, feed and eggs? also I see a rope, is that to drag the entire structure to clean under? Thanks so much.
Annette in Utah ;->
Titus 2:13

Scott or Pam said...

Annette, don't worry about a thing. You are welcome here in any capacity. Thank you for joining us. Believe it or not, I am (SLOWLY) working on a step by step chicken tractor ebook. Due out....sometime (add that to my to do list). To answer your questions: there is a trap door on top that I can access the tractor from, to feed and water. The rope is to move the tractor to fresh ground so the birds get all the benefits of that green goodness we call grass. We move them twice daily obtaining a sort of mob grazing effect with chickens, neat, huh? The pipe is actually 1" PVC, glued together with special corners I ordered from an online source. These are meat birds you see in that picture, so there are no eggs, but the same concept can be easily obtained with layers as well. If you have the time, look for the "pastured poultry" link in the archive section to the right of the blog, that will take you to more information. May I add that I am glad you are a Titus 2 woman, the world needs them. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this answers your questions. Please, feel free to ask as many as you want, I am no expert but I am glad to offer any insight I can.

Annette said...

Hi Scott or Pam,
Thanks for your answer; the 'grazing' idea is tremendous. We now live in a 'citified' neighborhood and my husband - so far - says NO to chickens. BUT with the food situation in decline and IF the Lord Jesus decides to be more 'long suffering' in our call 'UP' ... we may have to suffer awhile yet with the unbelievers, therefore, I want to be prepared when my hubby changes his mind and allows them.

Thanks again; now go cut some firewood! [Hope to meet you in 'Glory'.] Annette ;->

Mrs Spider said...


also, I normally hate embedded music anyway, I applaud your choices. good stuff