Monday, February 23, 2009

A King James, The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and Webster's 1828 Dictionary

This is all you really need to study the Word of God. That's it. It's OK to use commentaries that you trust, sure. But if all you had in the world were the three above mentioned books, you'd be alright and doctrinally sound. I believe that, firmly.

I have been teaching on Wednesday nights and we are working through 1 Peter. I can't express how much the Scriptures have come alive for me with just these three books.

I am really excited as I study chapter 3 and come to verses 18 and 19. I have my preconceived ideas about them, but can't wait to learn more. Christ preached to the spirits in prison, hmmm? Lots of things pop up in my mind.

Pray for me, if you are so inclined, that God would add clarity like never before and that I would speak only His words. As I study, pray that I would be open to His instruction, willing to change my mind, if He deems it. Thank you in advance.

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