Monday, March 16, 2009

Following The Iditarod Trail!

This is something for all you homeschoolers out there. Our family, (my wife gets all the credit, of course), has taken on a really interesting and fun homeschool project over the last few days and on into the coming days.

My lovely wife found (somewhere) a project to follow the Iditarod. Don't know what the Iditarod is? Follow this link to see details of this amazing sled dog race across Alaska.

There is an excellent story of human courage, diligence and perseverance in the modern race, which stems from an actual voyage back in the 1920's to save a village from Diphtheria. The original journey was to travel 700 miles in blizzards to deliver much needed penicillin to the sick native children. It was expected to take at least 15 days. Guess what, they did it in 5!

Anyway, we all picked out a musher to follow, and using the website (linked above) we are tracking their progress. The girls have even written their own little books about the Husky's that are used in the race. I tell you, we are enjoying it very much. I picked a 19 year old girl who isn't fairing as well as I hoped, but it is fun. Elisabeth's musher is the current leader (she has a knack for that).

So, if you're intrigued by this, go check it out. If nothing else, you can read to your kids about the amazing history behind this amazing race. Have fun!

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Jenny said...

That's a great idea! Your children might also enjoy following the Junior Iditarod next year. It's run right before the big Iditarod sled dog race. This is a race for children under 17 (I think they have to be at least 14, but I'm not sure about that). The daughter of a friend of ours came in 3rd place this year. Many girls compete in the race, so your girls might really enjoy it.
~Jenny - "akhomesteader"