Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Life On The Homestead!

Good grief! Just a few hours old and here she comes with the camera!

I guess, if I must, I will stand for you. But don't expect this too often! Posing for pictures! What is this world coming to?
Look lady, you've had your fun, can you stop taking pictures now? Mom, can't you do anything about this?

That's good mom, stand up and tell her to bug off, I'm tired!

This is the calf with no name. The kids have not dubbed her yet. Yup, it's a heifer! She's a beauty and got her daddy's looks. She was born very early Tuesday morning (March 10) and I got quite a welcome surprise when I went out to feed the animals. She is a cross between Dexter (daddy) and Red Devon/something (momma) Ahhh, fresh milk is coming soon!

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