Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Over Consumption Of Grain Can Cause Problems In Your Cattle

There is the risk of causing acidosis in cattle when grain supplementing. This occurs when an acid environment is created in the rumen. A good rule to go by is to spread the grain out among the cattle to ensure each one gets an equal share.

Personally, I advocate just plain old grass fed. However, there are times that the grass just isn't there or is in poor condition due to dry weather. I prefer hay with a high protein range cube supplement. Grain is a bit cheaper and I know there are those who prefer it.

But overeating grain supplements can cause liver abscesses caused by mild cases of acidosis. If you are just raising a steer to butcher, it may not be a problem because he will hit the chopping block before that point, but this can become a serious problem in your herd cows. Just food for thought.

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