Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Perfect Balance Of Minerals Found In Raw Milk

The insides of our bodies, or, the chemistry of it, is as unique as our finger prints. I have learned that there is no real boundry or specification of mineral intake, simply because everyone's body is so uniqely different.

But, that is what this article is about, the minerals found in raw milk. According to the sources that I am using for these articles, raw milk has a wide range of readily available minerals in it. The leader, of course, is calcium. "Drinking milk builds strong bones and teeth", remember? But there are many trace elements and minerals residing in the white liquid, also.

Let's start with calcium. This mineral has been called the 'macronutrient' and is abundant in raw milk. Some of the health benefits are: "reduction in cancers, particularly of the colon; higher bone mineral density in people of every age, lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures in older adults; lowered risk of kidney stones; formation of strong teeth and reduction of dental cavities, to name a few." (You can read the full exerpt here.)

It is interesting to note, here, that there is a delicate balance that minerals require with other minerals for proper function. As an example, calcium needs a proper ratio of two other macronutrients, phosphorus and magnesium, to be properly utilized. Consider this quote from the Raw Milk Facts web site, "Nature codes for the entire array of minerals in raw milk to be in proper balance to one another thus optimizing their benefit to us." (I would insert the name of God where the quote uses the word 'nature'.)

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