Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday? What Holiday?

After church, yesterday, we went to the only place in Mountain Home Arkansas that is open on Sunday to get rabbit feed. Our daughter that is in charge of feeding the rabbits has a habit of waiting until the feed is gone, plus a day, to announce that she is out of feed. So, the emergency trek to Orscheln's began.

I thought that I could get a bag of range cubes for the cow, while we were there. After very careful calculations, I decided that I could get by through the day (Sunday) and pick some up at our local feed store as it is much cheaper. I spent long, hard minutes on these calculations. In fact, smoke came out of my ears from the grinding gears in my head. Alas, I was very confident that I had enough.

While at Orscheln's, my wife casually walked over and asked, do you have enough feed for the cow?

Yes, honey, thank you. After toiling for minutes and doing some serious 'cipherin', I will have just enough. Thank you for asking, I responded.

So we left the store. I was supremely confident in my "cipherin'" abilities. And, that evening, in the barn to milk the cow, I found I did have just enough. No problem, I was feeling really good about myself.

After work this afternoon, I drove the few miles to the feed store. I stopped to make the left hand turn into the lot, to wait for some on-coming traffic, and pulled in. I even waved at my brother-in-law who passed by from behind, I was in a good mood.

I made the turn and glanced in the direction of the door to the building. Closed, along with all the shipping bay doors.

Drat! Double DRAT! It's a holiday! AAAUGH! I pulled out and headed home, much more soured than when I arrived.

I arrived at our mailboxes along the county road and pulled to a stop to get the mail.


When you work in a grocery store, like I do, you lose all concept of holidays as you tend to spend most of them at work. I couldn't seem to get it in my head that there was a holiday today. It is just another day to me. Now I have to try to milk the cow with chicken food.

I wonder how much molasses it will take to get her to eat it?


Genie said...

How great it would be if our feed stores put giant vending machines outside their buildings so we could put in our cash and fill our buckets with feed!

We always need feed after-hours, on Sundays, or on holidays. We never need it when the dang place is open.

The Watchman said...

I know the feeling brother. Usually there are no shortages of loved ones to remind me how it was my figuring that got me there.

Scott or Pam said...

Genie-I absolutely agree! Kinda like the venders at the petting zoo.

Watchman- Ain't married life great?! I am glad I'm not alone.