Saturday, June 6, 2009

We have been offering up for sale our meager farm produce (eggs) and peddling Fertrell, among some miscellaneous things, at a local farmer/flea market. I have been having a blast, meeting new people. We have been averaging around forty dollars each day, one day per week. I know, this doesn't sound like much money, but it is money we didn't have before.

This brings up an old question I once heard, would you rather make a million dollars one time, or one dollar a million times?

I think that there is a lot to be said for the later option. I would rather make one dollar a million times. With a diversification in you homestead, you can create a whole bunch of "salaries" from varying enterprises. For us, going to the market one day a week is just one aspect of our homestead income. Forty dollars per day equals $160 per month. That pays for the wife's monthly trip to Aldi. Do you see the point? That now frees up other monies that would have been spent at Aldi, for other things. Perhaps we can now put some money aside for the week long camping trip my family and I would like to take to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

The key to it all is to make sure that each enterprise you add to your homestead income completely compliments what you already do. In other words, you don't want to add more labor, material costs and maintenance costs along with another enterprise. Rather, add something that fits in with what you already do, you know, create and look for holons. Read the linked articles for more on this, but, simply put, a holon would be selling rabbit manure for fertilizer that is produced from the rabbits you already have. No added machinery, labor or costs, relatively speaking.

If you do this and put the money aside (out of sight, out of mind), the next thing you know, you might be able to invest in something else, or take your wife out for a nice evening together (that's one of my goals).

So, out some thought to it and ask yourself, how can I generate one dollar a million times?

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