Monday, July 27, 2009

More Pics Of Oklahoma

We took one day to drive up to Kansas to visit the actual "Little House On The Prairie" site. My wife and girls are very big fans of the "Little House" books. While there, we met a fantastic homeschooling family from Ohio. We ended up chatting quite a bit. We were very glad to meet them and found it to be a pleasure talking with them. They were toward the end of a great vacation that followed the wanderings of the Ingalls family-what a trip!

We also took some time to visit the Palomino horse show, held in Tulsa. Both girls love horses and this was a great and free opportunity to get a good look at some splendid horses. The one pictured is competing in the "hunt" class.
This is Abigail and Elisabeth in front of the penguin display at the Tulsa zoo. We spent most of a day there. The penguins represented in the rock are actual size. I was amazed at the size of the Emperor penguin (Middle). They're huge!
This shot is also from the Tulsa zoo, from inside the "Rain Forest" house. We were chatting with a group of people while looking for one of the four sloth the zoo has when this Cuckoo crawled up my back onto my head! You can see it has a cockroach in it's beak. At this point, after the bird had been there for a while and everyone was laughing, I was saying to my lovely wife, Take the picture before this thing poops all over my head, please!
Come back tomorrow for a few more pics. Thanks for stopping by.

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