Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trouble In The Organic Industry?

I am not a fan of "all things organic". Don't get me wrong, I do believe that we need to eat whole foods, even organic grown at home. My dislike has to do with the lax regulations on the organic industry, which even allows 10% GMO food.

I work as a produce manager and I watch shoppers buy expensive produce because it is "organic". As this article about Horizon relates, I am skeptical of the label. I greatly promote buying local, getting to know the farmer and building a trust with him, so that when he says that it is organic you can bank on it.

If I don't know the farm my lettuce came from, how can I trust that it is, in fact, organic. We have seen in the past that labels can be deceiving so I can't go by just that.

In other words, I have little reassurance that the "organic food" is any safer than non-organic, other than the label that says "organic". Then they charge a higher price, to boot. Anyway, read the linked article and judge for yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

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