Friday, July 17, 2009

VACATION-Got To Get Away......

Whenever I think of the word "vacation", I think of that really stupid song by the Go-Go's from the eighties. But, that is what we are going to do, take a vacation. We're heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma-where the wind comes rushing down the plain-another silly song from the musical by that name that I can't get out of my head.

We are heading out for a week, we'll see some sights, swim in the lake at the camp ground, visit some friends that live in OKC, and a whole lotta loafin'. Consequently, I will not be near my computer to post for a week. I know, I know, stop crying, I will return, Lord willing.

Thank you to all of you who frequent this humble blog. Those of you that are really interested in our boring, little world, I tip my hat to you in gratitude. Please be patient as we are away and I will post some good pictures of our trip after our return on the 25, I promise.

The girls, Abigail and Elisabeth, are the most excited I think I have seen them, so this will truly be a memorable experience for them and all of us. Pray for us, if you would, for a safe journey and decent weather. Pray for health and a fun time for all of us.

Again, thank you for reading my ramblings, I hope this blog makes a difference. I will see (or, write) you upon our return. Until then, God bless you all.

(Now, if I could only get those songs out of my head!)

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Emily said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I remember camping as a kid, and those are definitely some wonderful memories! We've never taken our family camping... our girls are city girls through and through, and I'm not sure they'd be able to handle the great outdoors when it comes to things like bugs and port-a-potties. Actually, I'm not so sure how I'd handle it anymore, either! *l* In any case, have a terrific time with your family! :) Thanks for your blog, I've enjoyed reading it!