Monday, October 26, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day. We had been discussing the benefits of relationship marketing and how it is played out. It's like this, we live in the poorest part of Missouri. It is plain foolish to think that we can charge astronomical prices for food fit to eat and earn any extra money. The simple fact is that the money isn't there. But I do believe that you can obtain a level of satisfaction in customers through building relationships with them. In other words, finding a way to create a win-win situation for you and your customer.

We raise and sell pastured poultry in an era where people are more and more concerned with where their food comes from. They want to feel good about the food they eat, they want to know that it will be healthy for their families and that the animals spent their lives happy (seriously). But they also want a good price. We sell our birds just a tad higher than the grocery store. That is a win for the customer, because they get healthy food with a good value. We have a decent payday. That's a win for us because we need the extra money. Win-win.

We can also sell grass fed beef, on the hoof, for much less than what you will pay in a grocery store. The people get great meat at a great value and we, again get some spending cash. Win-win.

But the most important thing we get out of the deal is the knowledge and satisfaction of helping people, even less affluent people, eat better. And we eat better food, ourselves, to boot.

The key is not to try to make that million dollars one time. Rather, make one dollar a million times. Do you get it?


Adkins Family farm said...

I agree. If you have a product priced just above store price you can still make money and people can still afford to buy your product. You will have people that normally cannot buy your products that can now afford farm fresh food. Just like you said it's better to make a few dollars on a lot of things then to make a bunch on a few and not sell them because of price. A little profit is better than a bunch of animal standing around that you still have to feed. I also like all the people that you can sell great food to.

Scott or Pam said...

It is good to hear from others that feel the same way. Thanks for sharing.