Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serious E.Coli Infection From Cargil Beef.

I already know about the horrors of the commodity slaughter houses. And I also know much about the USDuh (USDA) and the silly regulations they never impose. Yet, when I read an article, such as this one from the New York Times, I still get shocked. The gist is that a Minnesota dance instructor contracted E. Coli from some frozen beef patties that were labeled as "American Chef's Selection Black Angus Beef Patties". The bacteria left her paralyzed after spending 9 weeks in a induced coma.

The beef patties actually came from a variety of sources, as you will read by using the link, and Cargil (the agribusiness) didn't even follow their own regulations in sanitation. The USDuh turned a blind eye to them and offered this statement via the assistant administrator with USDuh's Food Safety and Inspection Service, "I have to look at the entire industry, not just what is best for public health " (emphasis, mine).

This is from an agency that wants to put an ID tag on every living animal on your farm.

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kjvbaptist said...

Could you post a summery of the I'd tag system? How will it effect small farms? Thanks.