Saturday, December 19, 2009

Klessig, Nienow, Mueller, Seeger, Laabs-Unite!

There is a cool, great and absolutely fabulous new genealogy website out there for the above mentioned surnames (plus a few dozen). The website is a work in progress done by my wonderful sister-in-law that keeps, tracks and prints information about the family lineage of the Klessigs and Anderslands along with all the other surnames that come with them. So, what she would like is for anyone related to these family names to go visit the site at: . And, once you're there, if you have any information on these families and would like to help, you can contact her. I know that my wife has already enjoyed the site very much so you won't be disappointed. Go, visit, and help build this site. The names, so far, are, Klessig, Nienow, Mueller, Seeger and Laabs. Enjoy.

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