Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sustainable Gardening

You might think that this subject is a bit too early in the season to talk about.  I disagree, many people, including us, are starting to think about the garden for the spring.  Most of you have been getting seed catalogs in the mail by now.  We've gotten several.  Marketers do a great job of getting you to think about certain things, don't they?

What I wanted to share today is in the arena of sustainability.  As you can tell, this subject has been on my mind, lately.  So, I thought I'd share an idea with you.

Un-natural, chemical based, non organic, petroleum fertilizers are not sustainable.  Not in monetary form nor in nature.  The important thing to remember is that God gave us everything we need to grow healthy, beautiful, delicious gardens.  But, where to start?

One area is also a holon, (read more).  Rabbit manure is one of the best fertilizers.  It does not need to be composted to start with.  We apply it right in the soil, mixing it up a bit.  It is all natural and doesn't burn the crops.

Don't have rabbits?  They're easy to care for and don't cost much to keep so you might consider getting a pair.  You'd be surprised how much manure two rabbits can produce.  We have several and sell/give away the excess.

If you choose to sell the manure, you will have no trouble.  Almost anyone who is garden savvy will understand the benefits of it and will be ready to buy.

Our garden keeps improving as we continue to add the rabbit maure.  Look into it as part of your spring planning.  You won't be sorry.


kjvbaptist said...

hmm..my 8 year old keeps begging for a rabbit. i said no because what are they really good for? uh oh...i should not have read this! i might have to rethink my answer! :)

Scott or Pam said...

(snicker) Think of it this way, when the guvmint comes crashing down, you'll have fertilizer.