Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our New Metal Detector, Homeschool Tool

This has been a nice couple of days.  The weather finally broke and the temperatures have soared into the upper fourties.  Rather nice, after about a week and a half of sub-zero, thermal underwear wearing, toe freezing, chapped hands, windy and snowy weather.  Yuk.  We were supposed to have leaft all this back in Wisconsin.  But, no use whinning.

With the warmer weather, the family and I hope to get out and start our new hobby.  We bought a metal detector.  My wife and I are avid history buffs, and a metal detector just seems to fit.  This is rubbing off on the kids, as well.  And, I think, it will work out into a nice homeschool learning opportuniy.  We all can't wait to find our first relic.  Now that the ground has thawed, we can get out a little atest it out.  The kids are excited.  I think we are too.

Anyone else use a metal detector?  Have any tips?

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