Saturday, February 13, 2010

Of Beef, Rabbits And Metal

Around here it seems as if we haven't seen the sun about 12 months.  It seems like it has been rainy/snowy and always cloudy.  The few times the sun did peek out, it lasted just a short while.  By golly, I miss it.  The sun just seems to brighten my day, both figuratively and physically.  There are times when it seems hard to stay positive when the sun is behind the clouds.  But, I have the Son within, and that will cure all ills.

I spent the day with my daughters.  My wife was finishing up the four days per year she works out of the house.  She arranges flowers for me at the store for valentine's day.  So th egirls and I spent the day together.  It is always a joy.  We decided to honor mommy and clean up the house a bit.  We were so proud of ourselves.  Mommy has been working hard making pretty bouquets, she needed the help here.

After that, the girls and I went out for a little metal detecting.  We scoped around the old farmhouse on the property and found a couple more plow blades.  These are from a pull behind implement, I think.  Not as old as the first one we found, but the kids get a kick out of finding stuff.  We all look forward to a "real" hunting trip.  Somwhere where there will be coins, I hope.

Then I moved the cattle to a new paddock, which is about 4 months overdue.  I think it was a mistake to move the bull, though.  He seems happy enough in the new paddock, but I can see the wisdom of placing a bull in a place and just leaving him there.  They are destructive and feisty.  He immediately tore into the trees and thrashed around.  I believe I will put him back where he was and leave him there, taking the cow to him.  I plan to plant a couple of tree trunks in the ground for him to butt and rub against.  That way, maybe, he'll leave the water tank upright and in the paddock.  He might be next year's beef.

I've been thinking a lot about getting the rabbitry going strong.  We have had several calls for rabbit meat and have none to provide.  This needs to be a priority.  On a bright note, we saved the buck from death.  He was looking weak and sickly, so we put some apple cider vinegar in his water.  It helped as he came around in a couple of days, eating and drinking like normal.  So take note of this if you have rabbits.

The cages are very simple to build and I am sure, when I have them done, I will wonder why I took so long to make them.  That, my friends, is the story of my life-procrastination.  Speaking of which, I have to read my bible now.  Tune in next time for more on raising berry's.

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