Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Slow On The Homestead

Things are still pretty slow around the homestead.  We were awaiting to order broiler chicks, but found out we don't have to wait now.  We have taken orders for this spring batch and are looking forward to that.  I have been thinking on how to deliver water inside the tractors better.  I may have a solution, but it will be dificult as the chicken tractors are made of PVC.  It is one of the draw backs of the pipe design that it is hard to build anything onto them.  They have a wooden base, so that is a place to start.

My plan is to build a platform on the back of the tractor to set a bucket on.  From there, I can hang a bell waterer inside the tractor and, hopefully, gravity will take over.

My beautiful wife will be speaking at an herb gardening club tomorrow.  She was invited to do this last fall and she has been planing it since.  She will be promoting Fertrell and selling some salves and tinctures she has made.  I think she is a bit nervous, but she will do fine.

Plans are also in the works for additional fence and a re-stocking.  We are looking at a couple of pigs for the freezer and some beef to fatten on grass, utilizing some mob grazing techniques I have learned.  Lots to do and very little time.

In keeping with out preparedness plans, we bought a new safe.  We really like it and if you don't have one, get one.  You will need to keep your firearms out of the hands of evil doers.

That is all, for now.  We are all just looking forward to warmer weather and the flea market.  Until next time...

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