Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News From The Homestead

We had a pretty good week here.  We have 18 baby bunnies that are growing very fast.  It will b e nice to have a few in the freezer.  A local chef has requested 6 of them.  I can't wait to see and taste what he prepares with them.

We also received our spring batch of broilers and we are off and running on this season's meat chickens.  We took orders for the last few wekks and have them all sold, minus a few that we will put into our own freezer.

Plans are in the works for pigs and beef.  This is slow going with a full time job.  If anyone can figure out how to add a fewe hours to the day, let me know. 

One of the most exciting things to happen this week is that we were interviewed for an article to be published in the Ozark Farm and Neighbor magazine.  We were able to talk about our very small scale homestead and promote local, naturally raised food along with Fertrell.  This is a neat thing for us, kind of our 15 minutes of fame.  I will keep y'all posted as to what issue our story will be in.

Outside of that, I have been fighting a cold that my family now has.  So we are all under the weather a bit.  I am still completely impressed with the wood splitting tire idea.  I made one in about 15 minutes and I can split 3-4 time the amount of wood in half the time.  The best part is I am using no fuel nor expensive machinery, just a spliting block and an old tire.  Scroll down to watch the video.  You can stop about half way through as he then gives a tour of his property.

So, things are beginning to happen here.  It has been a long winter and we are very grateful to a wonderful God that he spared us of any major catastrophies this past winter and that we are now on the upswing.  The temps are getting warmer and the garden is beginning to sprout, sure signs of spring.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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