Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday,Work Day

Big plans today for me.  I am going to be alone, here, on the homestead.  The family is heading off to the flea market to sell some eggs and other things.  So, I will be left to my self to stay busy.

As anyone who woks a full time job and is building a homestead knows, the day off is hardly a day off.  I have much to do.  We have broiler chicks scheduled to arrived this coming tuesday.  So, I have to get the brooder ready for them.  I am also in need of making repairs to the chicken tractors, all minor, but the y need some fixin'.  I am also in the process of setting them up for hanging waterers and feeders.  We have done it the old fashioned way for all these years.  I am making a platform, attatched to the tractor to hold a five gallon bucket of water, gravity fed to the waterer.

Then, I have some grass trimming to do.  This is the only thing I do not like about spring/summer.  I cut a lot of grass with a pushmower.  I am in the market for a rider, by the way.

Who knows what I will find to do today, but I am sure I will stay busy.

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