Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eating Wild Carrots

Today we found out that our oldest daughter has a skill that we weren't aware of.  She was outside, somwhere, for quite a while, when she came in the house with a large handful of wild carrots.  She had found them, dug them and was even munching on one.  She said that they tasted good, so I tried one.  I have to admit that it wsn't that bad.

This is something to consider when faced with a survival situation, wild herbs.  There are plenty of them our there and they are good for life sustaining food.  You just need to know what to look for.  How Abbie knew, I don't know.  I asked her and all she told me was that it looked like an herb that mommy has so she dug it.  I guess she didn't really know it was wild carrots, but now she does.  The best thing, especially from a homeschool standpoint, is that she discovered this for herself.  I am impressed.

This has got me thinking.  What do we know about wild, edible foods?  Things that can sustain life in a crisis?  Things to bone up on, to say the least.  Identifying edible, wild plants is a definate skill and very useful to have.  If we want to survive, these are things to know.


Eric said...

Nice. I bet wild carrots would be fun to find. You might want to take note that the hemlock root is like a carrot in shape and could be mistaken for a carrot. May be good to have her show you the plant first in the future so she doesn't eat a poisonous plant before she has shown you it. It shows that she is learning the thrill of not only learning but teaching herself. A wonderful place to be.

Scott or Pam said...

Thanks, Eric, I'll keep that in mind.