Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homesteading On A Budget-Meat Rabbits

Wow, I promised to post about raising meat rabbits the day after my last post.  Next thing I know, its three days later, sorry.

Anything a homesteader that is interested in survival and prepareation can do cheaply is always a plus.  Most homesteaders I know are short on money.  Like me, they have to work a full time job because most of us don't start out on the farm.  Those that have are definately in the advantage.  But, the focus here is for the start up homesteaders and those that just want to prepare.

Raising meat rabbits is very easy and inexpensive.  The biggest expense is in the cages.  You can purchase ready made cages but they are cheaper to build yourself.  The only tools you really need are a tape measure, wire cutter and J-clip pliers.  Most guys keep most of the tools you need.

You can buy wire on line for the bottom.  You might get lucky and find it at the local hardware.  You need 1x1" hardware cloth.  For the tops and sides use 1x2" welded wire.  The holes need to be big enough to let the poop through.  Here is a good site to visit. I will get into the construction on another post.

Purchaseing your first rabbits is not going to break the bank.  You can find New Zealand Whites for $5 each.  Breed them and in a short time you have meat.

California's are another good meat breed.  There are others, but these two are the most popular.  Again, you can get started for very small investments.

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