Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Talk On Preparedness Homesteading

I just came in from milking the cow and starting the grill for dinner.  It is somewhere between 100-105 degrees and it has been that way for 3 weeks.  At first, the heat didn't bother me, now it is wearing on me.  I must be soft.  I know my feet are, if I had to survive without shoes, I would lose.  We took the kids to the river for a break from the heat.  While swimming, I cut the bottom of my foot.  I have always had tender feet, though.  I hope to never have to go without shoes.

This got me to thinking about the recent series of posts on this blog all having to do with preparedness/survival.  I felt like I had to make a disclaimer about this.  I am not an expert in the field of survival skills or being prepared.  In fact, compared to others, I know very little.  I do, however, think that good ideas should be shared some way, somehow.  Here on our little homestead, we try to be ready for whatever.  First and foremost, we need to be ready spiritually.  God has got to be at the forefront of all our thoughts and preparations.

That being said, what I am attempting to do here is share some thoughts and good ideas, things that just seem to make sense to me.  I don't spend every waking moment thinking of disasters and what I need to be prepared for my family.  It just makes sense to me that everyone should have some sort of plan for anything that might happen.  Like buying a machete, for example.  We have a homestead, we have fence line and animals.  It makes sense to have one.  I happens that a machete is quite useful in the survivalist arena.  All homesteaders and farmers could benefit from thinking outside the box and being aware of all the potential uses of tools.  This is because we should be thinking about all the potential problems that can arise in life.  Personally, I think trouble will come geo-politically.  Again, I don't want that to be the thrust of what we do, but it is on our minds.

As I get new ideas, I will share them.  You, my readers, are encouraged to share your, as well.  Tomorrow, I will share a bit more on being prepared with rabbits.  See you then.

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