Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There are many garden and farm tools that we take for granted today.  If we need a tool, or break one, we head off to the nearest store and pick one up.  Often, we don't even thnk about the tool we're using.  I know, who actually thinks about their tools?  During mostly agrarian colonial times, they thougt about their tools a lot.  In fact, their daily survival depended on them and they couldn't just rush to the store and fetch a new one.

What if we were faced with similar survival problems in our time?  What if civil war broke out again?  What if we lost our ability to move freely about?  I bet we wouldn't take our tools for granted any longer.  Indeed, our lives, just like the colonists lives, may depend on our tools.

One of the most important tools on a colonial farm was a dung fork.  Yes, it is just what the name implies.  Back then, garden and farm tools were custom made and very hard to come by.  They were crafted by local craftsman and became a centerpiece of trade.

If tools were stolen, rewards were often offered for their recovery.  Bounties were placed on the heads of the thieves.  Tools in colonial times were a serious business, lives depended on them.

I will finish with a question.  Do you think ther may be a time we will need the use of hand tools again?  Let me know by leaving a comment.  Thanks for stopping by.

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