Saturday, October 30, 2010

Many People Are Getting Privy To The Evils Of Agribusiness And Processed Food

This is a bit of good news for local agriculture and a possible hit to big agribusiness.  As Alan Nation, of the Stockman GrassFarmer reports, the growth of small producers in and around major cities is expected to continue.  The credit of this article goes to the author, Mr.Alan Nation, read on:

Local Ag Seen Getting Big Soon

Monday, 25 October 2010

A group of futurist experts and authors convened by the politically conservative business magazine Forbes have predicted that by 2018, only eight years from now, 20 percent of the food eaten in major urban areas of the USA will be grown adjacent to or in the city itself. The magazine notes that this is a huge number and would really shake up modern American agriculture which is currently built around a small number of large-scale farms and long-distance shipping. "In addition to making our cities more resilient, the health benefits, for both our bodies and our planet, of consuming food that is grown within a small number of miles of our homes or workplaces are significant," the magazine noted in its October 25th edition.

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