Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Right To KEEP And BEAR Arms

When it comes to the second amendment, I think people tend to "drill for oil" when it comes to interpretation.  Instead of just reading it like it is, some have to "think" about it and offer a "deeper" meaning behind the amendment.  "This is what was REALLY meant...", they'll say.  Look, the second amendment makes provision for a stay at home mom to defend herself and her children.  It makes sure the good guys have a chance, because we all know the bad guys will have guns, no matter what the law says.  Read the attached article and be encouraged.

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Joe said...

How true! So many politicians run campaigns based on their support of the second amendment, but believe it only applies to hunting rights. Beware! If they believe that, they are not a true supporter of the second amendment. Hunting rights were understood. The second amendment was clarifying self- defense. Thanks for bringing this issue up!