Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Winter Boots

What the forecasters were saying for yesterday was 1-3 inches of snow.  We got up this morning to see 5-6 inches on the ground, I'd say they were a bit off.  What is a good thing is that I own a pair of the best snow boots in the world, in my opinion.  I bought my pair of Sorel's about 15 years ago, I paid about $75 for them, if my memeory serves me right.  They have lasted all this time with no damage to them to speak of, I haven't even bought new liners for them, although I probably should.  My feet stay warm in the wool blend liners that are rated for -30 degrees, for my particular pair.  Sorel makes them for much colder temps, it depends on where you live and what you're going to use them for.  Like I said, $75 for 15 years is a great investment.  Of course, that is a price 15 years old, they are probably higher than that now.  If oyu want a great pair of winter snow boots, go with Sorel, you won't be sorry.  I know that I am very happy with mine and my wife loves hers.  My wife's pair is even older than mine.


Carolyn Renee said...

Boy, I could have really used a pair of those this morning! I was too lazy to pull out my barn boots (leather insulated Rocky "cowboy" boots) and just put my sneakers on....the snow's not THAT bad.

Well, got back in from barn chores with snow packed inside my sneakers, caked to my socks & had wet pants.

My lack of ambition to get my boots out definately deserves a swift kick in the patootie....using a big 'ol snow bootie!

Scott or Pam said...

Thanks for making me laugh, not at you but with you. Look into a pair, they are well worth it.

Gorges Smythe said...

Like the picture and the music and the boots look like dandy's.