Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Federal Hoop Houses

First of all, I think high tunnels, or hoop houses are cool.  They are a cost effective way for small time folks to extend their growing season.  But, should the government be spending money on this?  What really bugs me is the descrimination.  For poor farmers, the government will pick up half the tab to build a hoop house.  If you are a minority, you get 80-100%.  How about we just don't use tax money for this.  What is your opinion?


Carolyn Renee said...

It's wrong on so many levels. First of all, this is done with taxpayer money (i.e. stolen from US citizens). And the fact that some people receive more or less depending on what color their skin is discriminating. Oh, wait, but it's ok if you're THAT color or THAT nationality or THAT religion. The feds are trying to play moral games with taxpayer money, justifying their theft with "using it for a good purpose".

If anyone decides to take "advantage" of this "Free" money, just remember that the money was stolen from your neighbors before it was given to you.

Scott or Pam said...

Well said Carolyn.

Gorges Smythe said...

Amen, Carolyn!