Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold....

Not long ago, (about three weeks), I made a comment to my lovely wife that this spring was like an old Ford I once owned.

How so? she asked.

I said, Well, that old Ford was incredibly hard to start and took forever to warm up.

That is how I feel about this spring.  Not that I mind it not being 95 degrees already, but I did not expect to wake up this morning to 40 degree temps.  It has been a complete rollercoaster as far as weather goes.  We have had some 90 degree days, with a bunch of cold days all mixed with a TON of rain.  This week has been on the cool side but very pleasant.  We are now looking at four complete days of rain coming up this weekend.  Bummer.

The bright side is that we are harvesting strawberries and the garden is managing to grow, however slowly.  And we haven't put in the air conditioner yet.  Bonus.  So, what'e new in your area?

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