Monday, June 6, 2011

Joplin Tornado Survivors Get Grass Fed Beef

American Grass Fed Beef served thousands of free grassfed meals to survivors of the Joplin, Missouri, tornado over the Memorial Day weekend. AGA is located in nearby Doniphan, Missouri. The meals consisted of grassfed beef burgers and pulled pastured pork plus sides, fruit and bottled water. Over 5000 meals were served over the three day holiday.


Gene K. said...

Great story and what a great idea by AGA. I've fallen in love with grass fed steak when my cousin convinced me of its healthy benefits and its great taste, and now (because my area does not have a quality regional distributor of grass-fed products) I order my grass-fed beef online at La Cense. The costs associated with a grass-fed diet might be a bit higher, but the taste and health aspects sure do outweigh the cots. This story, about a company helping out victims of a devastating disaster, really lets me know that people do still care and grass-fed steak and beef really does help lift the spirits. Keep up the good work!

Scott or Pam said...

Thanks Gene. It is good to hear the brighter side of disasters once in a while. Thanks for weighing in.