Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)?

Interestingly, Diatomaceaous Earth, or DE is used all over by health conscious and all natural minded people for various reasons.  The biggest reasons are for pest control in the garden and on and around livestock.  You might ask, what is it, exactly?

DE is a mined substance from fossilized silica shell remains from single-cellular algae, most commonly called diatoms.  These diatoms turned the silica they ingested into thei shells and are related to crustaceans.

If you use DE, make sure to find the food grade, or GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for use around the homestead or business.  The DE used in swimming pool applications is not regarded as a good insecticide, and because of its make up, can cause some serious problems if inhaled.  So, make sure to use the food grade DE.

Another problem is that DE is abrasive to the eyes, as well as the lungs, so use eye protection when working with it.  Come back soon to learn about some great uses for the food grade DE.

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