Friday, July 15, 2011

Is Financial Collapse A Foregone Conclusion?

I hope that it is not too late, but I think that we all need to be prepared for something big to happen, economically.  There are several nations in Europe that are on the brink of default, which this article explains and just might set off the dominos.  As a believer, I need to think of my wife and children, not just their safety and sustenance, but their spiritual well-being.  My children are saved, but are they prepared for what might lay ahead in the near future?  Am I, for that matter?  The time for keeping our heads in the sand is at an end.  Use the link and read the article.  This is not to scare anyone, God has been and always will be in control, just be aware and keep a level head.


Gorges Smythe said...

We were the last nation to fall into the Great Depression and we MAY be the last to fall into the next one, but we WILL fall.

Emily said...

I agree-- the time for keeping our heads in the sand is most definitely at an end!!