Saturday, July 9, 2011


Brother, it's hot!  'Tis summer, I guess.  The ground is parched and so are we. 

I am working on a chicken coop made with cattle panels hooped up on a frame.  i will try to remember to post pictures of the completed project.  I have some friends and relatives that use these and I am impressed with the durability of them.  Some have hung rabbit hutches in them, others have put egg boxes in them.  They all use hanging waterers and feeders.  I didn't like them at first, I thought they would act like a parachute in the wind and we get some stiff winds here.  Typically, they are covered with tarps, so I thought the wind would get under them and carry it away.  Our one friend leaves enough of the panels open that the wind passes through and she has not had a problem-yet.  But, I am warming up to this style of coop and may use this design for other things-who knows?

Other than temps that could bake a potato, that's all I have going on right now.  I still have my laundry list of tasks, but I am sure I always will.  I am going to await a little cooler weather.


Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, pictures would be good!

Scott or Pam said...

As soon as I get this thing done, I'll get some pics up.