Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Are Your Preps?

This morning, early, we loaded up the van and the truck and headed into town to participate in the city wide yard sale.  It turned out very well and was quite busy for much of the day, until around 1 pm, when the heat started getting the best of everyone.  It is still 100 plus degress and has been so for about a month.  The little rain we have received is now non-existent.  In other words, the 3/4 inch we got just a couple of days ago has no trace left, it is still as bone dry as it ever was.  We have had a total of about 3 inches of rain since April, all in tiny spurts.

Any way, the yard sale did well for us (shhh, don't tell Uncle Sam) and I met a couple of fine folks while there.  In fact, the more you talk to people, the more you hear how disgruntled, disinfranchised, disgusted and in a state of dis belief most folks are over the OVER extending arm of government.

Anyway, people are getting prepared.  There will be a melt down soon.  We have fresh milk again and are looking forward to future beef.  But, I need to be a LOT more serious about our preps than I have been.  How about you?

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cocked and loaded said...

I need to do a lot more as far as prepping goes. We are planning on
canning tomatoes next week. That will be a good start on the food.