Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Journey Into The Holy Of Holies

I am on a new kick.  A new one for me, that is.  God is taking me on a journey into the Holy of Holies that I have spent little time in during the past.  You do know that we can freely enter in, don't you?  Think about it, when Christ died on the cross, the veil in the Tabernacle was rent in two, signifying that we can now enter into the holiest place.  We can enter in because of His shed blood, His fullfilment of the law, and we can, literally, gaze into the face of God.

It was said of Charles Spurgeon that he could glide from laughter into prayer without hesitation.  In other words, prayer was a part of himself, so much so that it was an extension of himself.  How is my prayer life?  Spurgeon, indeed, all the theological giants, lived with an attitude of prayer.  That means that they talked to God as a matter of fact, not formality.

We are able to enter freely in and have fellowship with the Father.  Do you know what that means to a believer?  That means that God is not a far off being that is out of reach.  Instead, He is right there with us.  Christ said that wherever there are two or more gathered, there I am with them.  When we pray, do we set an extra place for Him?

I am finding, on this journey, that I do not have to find a quiet place and prostrate myself to talk to God.  It can be a natural, normal thing to talk to Him, just like He is right there with you.  And He is, if you are a believer, because of the indwelling of the Spirit, living within you.  Your body is the Holy of Holies because it is the dwelling place of God.

A quiet place is good, even required, when we need to spend a quantity of time with God, mostly because we need to listen.  Listening is a vital part of prayer.  Often we tend to talk to God and go on our way, forgetting that which we just said to Him.  Instead, we need to listen for His response.  How much do we miss from Him because we don't stop long enough to listen?

So, here I am, learning to gaze upon the face of the Creator.  I have always prayed, but not at the level I am talking about here.  This journey has given me a glimpse of the peace that transcends all understanding, because God is here.  He has given me comfort in a new found closeness with Him.  What a wonderful, powerful God we serve.  Care to join me?

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Gorges Smythe said...

Even though he was Jewish, I always remember the main character in "Fiddler on the Roof" speaking to God as if he were holding a conversation.