Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is There A Need To Carry A Weapon?

I am sharing this article with a friend of mine, who gets the credit for finding it and sharing it with his friends (Gorges Smythe).  I read the article and felt that I had to share it as well.  Read this article to see some very compelling arguments, put in a very convincing way, for the need to carry a firearm.  Do you, or do you not carry and why?


Carolyn Renee said...

I think that every ABLE and CAPABLE bodied person should be allowed to carry a firearm on their person at all / any time they chose. There are so many arguments for / against the right to carry and I have honestly looked into BOTH sides, but cannot find any convincing evidence why one capable and responsible should not be able to carry . If you chose not to carry one, that's fine with me. But don't tell me that I cannot.
And for goodness sakes, stop with the news stories saying "Man killed by semi-automatic gun". No, the man was killed by another MAN! If the man was murdered by another man using a sharpened pencil, would the headlines read, "Man killed by highly sharpened writing utencil"? Doubt it. Once again, biased media.

Rant over.

Have a Happy New Year!! :)

Scott or Pam said...

Thanks Carolyn. You are right.