Monday, April 9, 2012

A Lack Of Words

For some reason, I am always lacking new material for this blog.  I read other blogs and I am jealous of them and their diligence.  There always seems to be something to get in the way of adding new material here, for instance, I have been called upon to preach for the balance of this month at a different church than ours, so my time is now being spent on material for sermons.

On the other hand, we may just be a terribly boring family with nothing of news to report.  I am not so good at posting pictures, they are on the wife's camera and it is a pain to upload them-only she seems to know how to do it.

Whatever it is, I seem to have willing fingers to sit and type, but my brain is too slow.  The real funny thing is that I come up with things all day long that I think would be great on this blog, then when the time comes, I have completely forgotten what that great idea was.

I'm sure you bore of constant political stuff, so I try not to do that all the time.  The homestead is a work in progress, but the progress is so slow that there is not very much to share at certain times.  Being prepared is second nature to us, so I rarely take the time to put it in writting.

Here is one thing that happened to me today that I can share.  At my place of employment, a man walked up to me and said he just put up a sign on the bulletin board (public use) that he was giving away a log splitter to someone who really needs it.  I joked with him and said that he could give it to me.  He wasn't joking when he asked if I was a Christian.

I am I said.

Can you afford to buy a log splitter and do you have the need for one? he then asked.

I said, no, if I could afford one, I'd have bought one a long time ago.  We heat with wood, so yes, I can put one to use.  I went on, why are you giving this away, is there anything wrong with it?

No, there's nothing wrong with it.  God told me to give it to someone who needs it, I think there is a reason I am talking to you about this right now.  I think you are the one to get it,  he said.

From past expirience I know that when God uses someone to bless someone else, never argue with God about it, so I accepted.  Sometime this week I have to give this gentleman a call and go pick up my new log splitter.  I will be sure to stay in practice with my splitting maul in case there is a fuel shortage, though.


Carolyn Renee said...

What a wonderful gift and a blessed gentleman for sharing his possessions! A log splitter, although not necessary (we split wood by hand for several years) will definitely speed up the process, therefore giving you more time to work on other projects.

Gorges Smythe said...

Isn't God good to us? YOU gave me an idea for a few words on MY blog. Drop by and see them later this evening.

Scott or Pam said...

Thank you guys, you are a blessing as well. Carolyn, I do believe I can split by hand faster than a motorized splitter with my tire contraption I made, but it WILL save the back aches!