Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Do We Need High Capacity Magazines?

I had an interesting conversation today with a young coworker of mine.  I am blessed that way.  I have the freedom to converse in my line of work and sometimes these discussions can be quite lengthy and, even heated.  Today was no different.

Let me open with the question that he posed to me.  I do this to illustrate a point and the point is that the media have formed the minds of young people in large proportions.  None seem to have the ability of critical thinking nor free thought-it's whatever they're told to think.  So, the question was, why do people need semi automatic weapons and high capacity magazines?

His thought was that homes can be defended with a revolver, or a baseball bat.  I cannot deny that, homes can be defended in that way.  Many people keep a revolver nearby, just in case.  You see, he says that he is not against guns, just doesn't understand the need of semi auto weapons and high cap magazines-two MAJOR buzz words flying across your TV screens nightly.

My response was that I not only want to defend my home and family from knuckleheads trying to steal from us, but I want to defend my home and family from knuckle-headed government.  Tyranny is to be opposed, thankfully it was-once, beginning in 1776.

His thought was that a six shooter could do the same thing.  Not if they come with semi auto weapons themselves, I told him.  A little pistol will do nothing against 5 armed men 40 yards away.  All  I ask for is a fighting chance.  He never did get it.  We went round and round for quite a while, resulting in him getting quite perturbed at me, so I left it.

But here is the thing that strikes me the most.  He thinks just exactly the way "they" want him to think.  Yes he attends a government funded college, and watches all the mainstream garbage on TV.  He said nothing that I haven't heard for the past few weeks in the news, notably Joe Bidden who suggests women just buy a shotgun and just pointing it at an intruder will scare them off.  The message is that "we won't take away you right to own a gun" by making suggestions like that to soften the blow.

Don't fall for it people.  The fact is "they" think we are all like the youth I was talking to, simple minded, line toers who will "fall in" once things happen.  They count on us being like my friend.  They hate free thinkers-those of us that don't watch TV .  Don't fall for it.


Gorges Smythe said...

Half the people of voting age have been brainwashed by the schools from kindergarten on. They really CAN'T think.

Carolyn said...

I have two friends (self-described bleeding heart liberals....yes, we're still friends, just know not to talk politics!!)

But, on occasion, we are able to talk in a civil manner about stuff. We talked about the exact same thing you & yours did right after the Sandy Hook shooting. They just don't see it like we do and will gladly fall in with the feds when the time comes. It's as if our past history counts for absolutely nothing, because "that wont' happen here". It's all disillusion and denial on their part, and part believing the media. The thing that really gets me is that they honestly believe that doing something as ignorant as making one more bullet in a magazine illegal will make a lick of a difference. I'm labeled as a "gun nut" because I carry and they will never, ever understand why. The last thing she said to me about that was she "wouldn't want to live anyplace that I felt I had to carry a gun for protection". As if her personal feeling of security magically makes the place safe.

Oh, I can go on and on. But honestly, it is kind of "interesting" to pick the mind of another person's point of view when it comes to things like this.

Know thine enemy.

Scott or Pam said...

Right on both counts!