Monday, June 2, 2014

Obama Caves To The Demands Of Islamic Terrorists

My, how times have changed.  The late, great U.S.A. is now negotiating with terrorists-something that we have never done.  I am not one who supports the "war on terror" and believe the whole action completely illegal, however, this is just another example of Mr. (for I refuse to call him president) Obama ignoring the rule of law.  You might say, maybe he didn't know a thirty day notice was to be given to congress before the exchange of prisoners.  Well, Mr. Obama claimed to be a constitutional law professor, didn't he?  So he should know the law, right?

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Black African said...

well in hind sight it was most likely a trade for another "low level hacker/ prisoner" with the damage that Snowdin has done.they need to get him back for brainwashing :)and i guess we got another service man back..

Scott or Pam said...

Unfortunately, hindsight really makes no difference. The whole thing was done illegally, without the consent of congress. The usurper has usurped the law-again. Don't you find that troubling?