Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is There Something Worse To Come?

My wife and I are fans of No Greater Joy Ministries and the founders, Michael and Debi Pearl, we read with eagerness the NGJ newsletter we receive bi-monthly. We started, years ago, when we were given their book, to train up a child, and have enjoyed the wisdom that God has blessed them with ever since.

This month's issue of NGJ had a really good article in which Michael Pearl talks about "bad" times coming (with a small b), and BAD times coming. He suggests that the bad times are good for the church. A time of spiritual growth and, as he put it, character. For instance, a recession is not something to fret over, it is not a BAD time, but an inconvenience. He even went on to say that a small "b" bad time can be applied to a "great depression", which some are now admitting that we may be headed for. This can be a good time for the spiritual strength of the nation. I must agree with him. Bad times (small b) are always good for the church.

It is the coming BAD time that worries me somewhat. We're talking about the state criminalizing preachers who preach the whole counsel of God, which includes sin and judgement. Or, the state "overseeing" the curriculum home school parents use and what parents teach their children. Making it illegal to teach your children the bible and the Truth, even threatening to take your kids away for causing them "mental harm", as Mr. Pearl states it, while teaching this Truth. Scary, indeed. Again, I must admit, that I agree with Mr. Pearl on this. I think it is coming. We don't know when, but it will.

I will quote Mr. Pearl here on another statement he made, that says what has been on my mind for some time, "The world is not going to get better. No political party is going to save us. Satan is the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4)".

And again, "Our judges have neutered the Constitution insofar as it expresses Biblical principles and justice. That will not change, no matter who is in office. We just had an election between the bad and the very bad. This time, the very bad won. I think that God sometimes laughs as we choose our own form of judgment...", he said. Our votes will not change a thing. Nothing short of a God driven revival of the masses will keep His judgement from occurring.

I also agree with the way Mr. Pearl wraps up the article, and I will echo his sentiments. I will not sit in fear but live life expecting His blessings to continue. I will strive for joy in my wife and children, and I will strive to share the gospel with those that need to hear it. That is our job, as Christians.

I may have to fight. But it will be a fight to protect and defend my family and the cause of Christ.

If this interests you, you can read the full article entitled Hard Times Coming for the whole story.


Anonymous said...

For the earth is the Lords and the
fulness thereof (1 Cor. 10:26)

The Watchman said...

LORD come quickly...

I don't think most Christians grasp the gravity of this and whats to come. As young parents with small children, my wife and I are looking forward wondering where will God lead us. What do we do when teaching our children God's word may mean the gov't will take our children? What pilgrimage will we take?

Scott or Pam said...

The word, "underground", comes to mind often (shudder!).