Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trouble Brewing For The Real Food Movement

Reading Alan Nation's blog is always a risk when you're in a good mood. Your mood might get changed rather quickly, as did mine.

There is a little article Mr. Nation posted, entitled: "Polan Disappointed In Ag Choice". You can use the link above to read it in full.

The gist of the thing is this: our new president elect Obama has chosen the governer of Iowa, Gov. Tom Vilsak, to head up the department of agriculture. The bottom line is that this man is big on agribusiness not agriculture. Kind of an oxymoron for a democrat, if you ask me. I mean, democrats aren't supposed to be "big business", right? Or am I missing something?

Just for the record, I claim no affiliation with either party, and I supported Dr. Ron Paul.

What this spells, to me, is disaster for any ground that has been gained at all on so many fronts. Like the fight against NAIS, that could be in jeopardy. Or any freedoms we might still enjoy in the form of farming, in our respective states, in selling what we produce. We might be kissing that goodbye in the next few years. Sell raw milk? Could be illegal, federally. Eggs, I don't even want to go there.

Look, I don't want to sound like an alarmist, use the link and read for yourself. Be your own judge. Just be prepared for a fight like you have not seen, just to keep the right to grow your own food and sell some excess.

We, as a nation, have chosen our own judgement.

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