Monday, December 22, 2008

New Guinea Pigs

Like the play on words? Anywho, our girls got an early Christmas present-guinea pigs. This is about the only indoor animal we could all agree upon, and, we got a heck of a deal from a friend of ours.

The colorful one is named Skipper and the red one is named Peanut Butter. Peanut butter belongs to Elisabeth, our six year old, and Skipper belongs to Abigail, our eight year old. (Elisabeth has hair the color of Peanut Butter, so I thought she should have that one and name it Bess, or something. No go).

This is a picture of the piggies in their new home. We got 40 some sections of this cage as part of the deal. They all fit together with clips and you can design the cage in any way you want. It is pretty neat, even daddy got into the little critters.

This is a pic of the girls, their new piggies, and the piggies new home. The girls are pretty good stewards, with the animals on the farm, but we felt they can learn much more by having their very own pets.

I have to admit, the guinea pigs are cute. And they sleep at night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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