Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is YOu r chance To Vote on Health Freedom Issues!! Urgent!

There is a chance, right now, for you to vote on health freedom and agricultural issues. If these issues (like NAIS, vaccinations, raw milk, alternative health care etc..) are of concern to you, president elect Obama has a website set up for you to voice your opinion. We urge you to do so. Even if you don't have a farm or grow your own food, but you like to buy your food locally and naturally and want to maintain that right to do so, go vote!

You can start by viewing and clicking on the number found at the upper left side. You will have to register but that is only name and email. After you register, you will have to go back and click on the number again to vote.

Then go to the right side at the "issues" box and you can go to agricultural issues or any other issue you want to vote on.

You only have until midnight tonight. So, if these things are important to you, please take time to vote. Pass it on to anyone you might think would help, also. Thanks for your help and support. We would like to maintain the freedom to provide for ourselves and others through our small farm. We think this time is vital to our freedoms to do so.

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