Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I opted, today, for the quickest article. This is due a great desire to finish the spare room (we have been finishing this house for 10 years) so my wife can have a place to sew and scrapbook and teach our daughters the fine arts of said activities.

So, I was out looking at our Dexter bull and noticing some of his masculine qualities like his really curly hair on his forehead. The nice, strait line from his shoulders to his tail etc.
Then I thought about how pleased we have been with his performance. He is litterally batting 1000. I remembered an article I read a while back on what to look for ina heard bull, before you take the semen test. Quite accidentally, we found many of these good qualities in a fertile bull, in our own bull. We bought him sight unseen, which is why we are so very pleased.
The above, linked article, was written by Gerald Fry, a man whom I have come to respect. I never met him, but I like to read his stuff. Click the link and read his article. Then, go take a look at your bull. If nothing else, you will have soom good knowledge to take with you when you go to purchase a bull. Enjoy.

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