Saturday, January 17, 2009

Building The Tabernacle: A Homeschool Project

I thought I'd share an excellent homeschool project for you and young kids. We had a ball doing this project on a Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago. You can build your own tabernacle using cutouts that were printed from the internet. Use this link to Gospel Hall and scoll down until you find "Moses Builds a tabernacle". You will know what to do from there.

This is a picture of the beginning stages of the project. We had to cut out all the pieces to prpare to put them together. This is a great hand-eye lesson for the kids, also.

This is my wife's hand. Aren't they lovely? She's in the process of putting together the Ark of The Covenant.

This is a small pile of some of the parts of the tabernacle. You can see that cutting them out does take a bit of time and patience. The item on the top is the table with the showbread.

Above, is the layout of the walls of the tabernacle. You will need posterboard for the base spanning 24"x 28". We used four pieces of poster board 11"x 14", taped together. We had to adjust for the slight difference in size.

These are some of the objects that were completed. You can see the Ark, the Ten Commandments, Aaron's Rod, Jar of Manna, Laver, and the Alter (with a trail of smoke coming out).
The girls are putting the Ark behind the curtain (not pictured) of the Holy of Holies.
Everything is in place. The Holy place is layered with cutouts of the outer coverings (four, in all). Just inside of the Holy place, on this side of the curtain, you can see the Menorah, table of showbread and alter of incense.

This final picture is a little better view of the completed tabernacle. The whole thing took approximately 1.5 hours to completed, with the four of us working on it. It was a great time and we all learned a bunch. The kids came away with a good understanding of God's House in the wilderness. This is a great homeschool project and for anyone who teaches Sunday school. Use the link above and print all the pages you'll need. The rest is up to the kids. Have fun.

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kjvbaptist said...

Thanks for the link. we are reading through Exodus and anything to get a visual is always helpful even for the adults! i actually think i am more excited about making the tabernacle than the children.