Sunday, January 18, 2009

Property Rights Website. Ozarks PRC

I thought I'd drop a line to you all here and invite you to our website of our local Ozarks Property Rights Congress. I know many of you don't live in Missouri, but, that's OK. There is much that the government does in the way of your rights to personal property that affects everyone in the U.S.A. not just the Ozarks. So, you can go visit the Ozarks Property Rights Congress web site and get a feel of what the government has in store for all of us.

Like I said, you can feel sure that what is happening here in Missouri, is happening elsewhere. For example, NAIS (National Animal Identification System) is something that affects all who have any animals. This is a topic of great concern to all who wish to maintain a small homestead and raise a few animals, even for their own use.

The USDA has just issued a new memo, that would make it sound as if they are backing down on mandating veterinarians to register your premises. Careful (read, "NAIS, Something New, But Isn't) examination reveals this to be not true. It is the same old story just worded differently. I really believe that the government thinks we're a bunch of idiots out here. The fact is, that the USDA is creating law, when they don't have the power to do so, and they are forcing your vet to register your property and give you a PIN number (Property Identification Number) against your will.

Thankfully, we do have those that are against the USDuh and the NAIS program. Organizations like ours, and big timers like R-Calf USA. R-Calf seems to be all over this new memo and hammering away at the USDuh. They are currently seeking help from Congress to protect producers (of any size) from the USDA's unlawful activities. Stay tuned.

So, if you're so inclined, please check out the Ozarks Property Rights Congress website. Perhaps this could inspire a few of you to start your own chapter in your neck of the woods. In the very least, keep you informed. Informed people are the only ones that can keep a watchful eye on government and take a stand.

Thanks for listening and visiting. Y'all are the reason I keep this thing going.

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