Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Fertrell Product Of The Week

Since we are moving into the grazing/growing season, once again, I am going to continue focussing on soil amendments and fertilizers, for a while.

This week's item is Fertrell's Aragonite. Aragonite is a sea calcium that is exceptionally high in calcium and low in magnesium. This is significant because too much Magnesium will block other minerals from being taken up by the plants, resulting in poor mineralization in the livestock and even death. Most lime quarries should be able to tell you the make up of their product but most regular lime will have a great amount of Magnesium present. Again, Aragonite does not.

Gypsum and Aragonite should be used to offset a high magnesium content soil.

The typical analasys is 0-0-0-39 Ca. and comes in 50# bags.

For more information, conact your local Fertrell dealer, or send us an email at we'd be glad to help. If you don't know of a dealer, use the link in this post to Fertrell's website and find a dealer near you.

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